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Institutions and employers can solve “Fake diplomas” problem and promote Lifelong Learn with verified certificates anywhere in the world on the blockchain.

Vottun’s Blockeducate—powered by Blockchain—is a unique and sustainable solution to the fake certification problem in the education sector. Blockeducate, which serves as a peer-to-peer (P2P) network and digital ledger of all transactions provide an incorruptible and immutable audit trail that eliminates counterfeiting in certifications.

Blockeducate utilizes smart contracts to encrypt and issue certificates on the Ethereum Blockchain safely. Students are provided with simple, attractive badges in wallets via a secure and seamless Easy to use SaaS web and mobile platforms.  They can share these badges with job providers to verify their educational achievements.  Job providers can ascertain educational content and authenticate the issued certificates without intervention from the certificate publisher.




Imagine being able to track all competences, skills & achievements acquired during your life. With BlockEducate you are able to easily share these achievements with employers, colleagues and anyone else you like.

Blockeducate doesn’t have a single point of failure and is compliant with GDPR and right to be forgotten regulations, therefore meeting all the expectations of the stakeholders. The platform offers the following unique features:

  • Education institutions and certificate publishers must validate their identity with third-party verifiers, establishing a mechanism to identify issued certificates against the real world entities uniquely.
  • Issued Blockchain-based academic certificates are stored on public (or private) Blockchain hence there is a guarantee that data stored is immutable and cannot be tampered with. Since Blockchain is decentralized, there is no single point of failure.
  • Data stored on Blockchain is encrypted, hence only the certificate holders can see and share this data as they wish.
  • Certificate sharing is as simple as sharing a URL or badge via email or social media.
  • Blockeducate provides free and open source Dapp for decryption of the certificate data.
  • Certificate / Badge creation and publishing can be easily accomplished in minutes with our badge creation tooland workflow process.  You can also upload your own designs.
  • Verification of certificates is done instantly via scanning of a QR code or via the link shared by the certificate recipient
  • APIs are available to enterprises and innovation labs to allow building and integration of the technology with other platforms.
  • Universities and Educational Institutions or Compliance Agencies are able to collaborate and jointly publish credentials on the blockchain.

What does this mean?

  • Every certificate on Blockeducate is 100 per cent verified: Companies are sure they’re only hiring the best, without the hassles of spending many hours and millions of dollars validating all the prospective employees’ diplomas and their work experiences.
  • Universities & Enterprises are able to partner on education tracts and initiatives, and employees lifelong learning objectives with our blockchain platform.
  • Dapps Self-Verify Blockchain Credentials: Universities, colleges and other educational institutions will no longer need to spend hundreds of hours confirming their alumni degrees and study paths, as it’s the case today.
  • Meritocracy reigns:Meritocracy will reign, providing level-ground opportunities for all. Every candidate is correctly assessed for his/her real qualification, talents, and experience—not via falsifications of certificates or fake recommendations.
  • Innovation labs are able to build and integrate their blockchain apps easily with any standard front end development tool like Angular plus Vottun’s API without the need to understand the underlying blockchain technology.

Advantages for Students

  • independence: the student owns and control the credentials
  • ownership: the recipient can prove ownership of the credential without the need of a 3rd party;
  • control: the recipient has control sharing, distribution, and deletion of the credential
  • verifiability: the credential is verifiable on the blockchain without the need for third parties, like employers, admissions committees, and verification organisations;
  • permanence: the credential is a permanent record on the blockchain