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BLOCKEDUCATE is a Feature Rich Blockchain as a Service (BAAS) platform. Within minutes you will be able to publish professional badges and certificates on the blockchain.

Excellent User Experience for Publishers

The Blockchain portal for organizations as well as the student wallet and all the related features were designed to be frictionless, excellent user experiences that anyone can start using immediately without the need for training or education materials.  Publishers can easily design or upload their own badges or certificates, add recipients, and publish credentials within a couple minutes.

Easy to Design, Custom Badges & Certificates

BlockEducate comes with a badge designer and a certificates designer.  This easy to use designer includes professionally designed badges and certificates that can easily be customized within seconds.  This includes changing the content on the credential, images, colors and other attributes.  You can also upload your own badge design if you already have one created.  If you would like to have Blockeducate team of designer create a completely custom certificate, badge, identity card or other credential you can easily contact us and we are happy to provide this service.

Designer Tools

Universal Wallet for Students & Employees

The Universal Wallet allows organizations and educators to publish their badges and certificates to the students/employees.  These recipients are able to receive educational and certification credential that they are able to verify, share, use anywhere in the world.  Items that can be published to wallets include compliance certification, education degree certificates, badges earned for various activities, digital identification, insurance certificates.  There are a variety of other credentials that can be stored in BlockEducate’s digital wallet, all verifiable, immutable, and distributed, on the blockchain.

Universal Wallet

Social Media Sharing

Recipients own their own data.  When they have achieved their credentials their employer or educator is able to publish their credential to their wallet.  Only the recipient of the credential can access this information.  He/she is able to share the information on the top social media sites including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Google.  They can also share their credential on blogs, email signature, their website or share it via email to anyone that request it.  The credentials are automatically verified on the blockchain each time someone tries to view it.

Share Features

Extensibility and Enterprise Integration with APIs & JSON Feeds

BlockEducate includes Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that your development and innovation team is able to utilize to build completely custom blockchain applications.  They will not need to know anything about the underlying blockchain, the API does all the heavy lifting.  They will only need to know how to programmatically interact with REST APIs.

Our APIs can also allow your development team to interact with enterprise applications like Salesforce, SAP and others.  Any application or platform that has the ability to call REST APIs can now interact directly with the blockchain via the BlockEducate APIs

Automate with JSON feeds

BlockEducate has the ability to read JSON feeds to create new students and recipients and post credentials to the blockchain.  This allows the easy interaction between BlockEducate and any other platform that publish JSON feeds that would like to automate the publication of digital credentials to the blockchain.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Advanced Search, Verification & Reporting

BlockEducate include emerging technologies to allow verification of certifications directly from your corporate website and domain.  This adds a layer of verification and trust that is very important to your audience.  Students, employers, recruiters and others that would like to verify that a credential was issued by your organization are able to do the blockchain verification via our advanced cryptographic blockchain verification features.  Enterprise partners that sponsors employee education can easily verify completion information made available to them via the school or the recipient of the certification.  The information is verified as unforgeable, multi-signed by educator and recipient, and universal.

Our search features also allow employers to gain insights and surface skills and compliance issues to enhance reporting of opportunities and assess risk.

Cryptographic Search Verification

Multiparty Verification & Trust Use Cases

BlockEducate allows multi-party verification of credentials, allowing our technology to bring trust to various business use cases.

Educator Partner with Organizations

Vottun Connect is a technology that allows multiple parties to create a relationship in the Vottun Network that allows them to share information privately and securely via the blockchain.  This allows employees to take courses at universities and employers to automatically verify the completion of the courses and ingest the course data to create employee certificates, identity badges, or other credentials based on the verified completion of the course work on the blockchain.  The employee will then receive verifiable credentials from the university and verifiable credentials from the employer in his digital wallet.  He is able to share these credentials with anyone directly or on social media.

Note: This feature is only available via our Enterprise Plans

Compliance Agencies Partner with Organizations

Compliance agencies are able to use BlockEducate to publish credentials for professionals that have completed compliance certification courses.  These compliance agencies are able to create a secure connection in the Distributed Ledger with organizations that utilize these compliance agencies to verify compliance of employees or to hire new employees.  This link between these organizations is private, secured, and allows 100% guarantee that the employee has completed this certification.  Since certification can often be temporary, once the certification period has expired Vottun’s smart contracts will Expire the certificates, notifying the employee, employer, and optionally the certificate agency ensuring that the employee is re-certified.

Note: This feature is only available via our Enterprise Plans

Digital Identification

BlockEducate provides the opportunity to create digital id badges and post them to the blockchain.  This can be created as identity and certification for employees, students and others.

Note: This feature is only available via our Enterprise Plans

To learn more about our Enterprise solutions or if you have any questions, please contact us.