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BlockEducate APIs  

BlockEducate APIs is a set of RESTful APIs (application programming interfaces) developed by Vottun (owner of BlockEducate) which allow communication with Vottun Protocol Dapps and Smart Contracts and their integration to blockchain services.

The APIs allow the development of any certificate based application.  It allows full integration between existing applications like Salesforce, SAP and other applications that can call REST APIs.  The platform also includes full JSON integration.

Third-party apps can use these APIs to extend their functionality to include blockchain services provided by Vottun.


The development of blockchain applications is daunting and requires a significant amount of knowledge about the blockchain architecture, connectivity with the blockchain, smart contracts, distributed application, cryptography, and challenges that are not faced by a normal web or mobile developer.

What if we could make developing a complex, scalable, and robust blockchain app as simple as developing a web or mobile platform.  If you know how to call RESTful APIs then this is all you will need to know to build a blockchain app with Vottun’s certificate protocol.  We do the heavy lifting, connectivity, blockchain interaction.  You will only need to focus on building the front end that is able to call our APIs.

Our clients include Universities, banks, Innovation labs, Supermarkets, utility company and others that use our technology to build or integrate with blockchain technologies.

Our focus is to help you reduce the difficulty of mastering the steep learning curve and allow you to focus on creating your certificate-based apps using our Vottun API?  It doesn’t matter the organization for which the app is being developed for. Our solution can help universities, colleges, banks, enterprises etc. to code their own certification apps for creating, publishing, sharing, and validating certificates on both public and private Blockchains.


Put simply, we let you focus on building your own apps—whether mobile or desktop-based—while we worry about nodes, networks, and smart contracts management.  Our Blockchain solution specifies a standard set of tools that delivers enterprise-grade Blockchain API and out-of-the-box deployable blockchain apps in Education, Enterprises, and Supply Chain Management.

Vottun API specifications help decouple apps from services that they depend on, allowing the management of both services and applications to be separated. Vottun allows the development of full certification based apps without the need to know anything about the underlying blockchain technology.

We are starting to build our developer community/ecosystem. We intend to grow the ecosystem by making it easy for developers to create their own apps without the hassles of steep learning curve currently being witnessed in the Blockchain ecosystem. APIs are currently available to our consulting partners, universities, developers.

Contact us for more information regarding Vottun APIs.