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Unlocking the potential of Blockchain in your organization


BlockEducate offers advice on the strategic employment of blockchain certification technology based on a thorough analysis of your institution’s profile whilst drafting along your ideas of development. We work directly or through our education technology consulting partners worldwide assessing the potential of blockchain technology in your organization discuss possibilities of optimization. With our partners, we support you throughout the entire process of integration and adaptation of blockchain technology into your already existing network.¬†We offer you:

  • Optimize your business case with blockchain technology
  • Use BlockEducate platform and explore custom products and services for your business.
  • Dive into the blockchain architecture and investigate its potential


We offer in-house and external training and teaching seminars, workshops, talks, as well as instructive materials on the blockchain technology and related fields of application, which will provide you with in-depth knowledge of the intricate blockchain ecosystem and all its facets.

  • Prepare your team for the new blockchain revolution
  • Learn what blockchain technology is
  • Explore with directed workshops how to use it in your organization

Consulting Partnerships

At BlockEducate, we develop, maintain and evaluate blockchain certification related products and provide long-term assistance and advice on related technological andoperational matters for our partners worldwide.

We also actively develop specific blockchain products with web services operating on top of the blockchain, whilst creating beautiful and intuitive UI/UX. These products are also available to be use by our partners.

You can check our list of existing partners here

Let us not if you are interested in becoming a partner, contact us