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Started in 2017, BlockEducate is a product developed by Vottun. Vottun focus on developing blockchain technology to improve the way the certificates are used in the world. Utilizing the benefits of blockchain technology, we have developed a protocol solution to solve important use cases in certificates applications. BlockEducate is the perfect example in how blockchain can be used to improve the way that certificates are managed and how the use of Vottun’s protocol provide value to different industries.

BlockEducate for managing education diplomas & badges in the blockchain shows the breath and scale of our technological framework.  We provide customized and actionable recommendations for companies and institutions that want to start innovating with blockchain technology.

Our clients consider the reputation impact of fraudulent certificates to be very important.  Our partners understand the value of building a trusted value chain. A value chain that is transparent, trusted, and provides a single source of truth to all participants.  Being education one of the pillars of our societies, we believe that is important to make it better if we can. Blockchain will bring major improvements to education as we will be able to work with a single source of truth in order to avoid fraud and other issues related with the current systems. We look forward to sharing the results of these experiments and Proof of Concepts as we advance further with our clients and partners.

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Our founding team are experience founders, authors, investors, and entrepreneurs with more than 30 years’ experience building technology companies.  Having the experience of founding a Fintech startup, we identify early the potential of blockchain. Involved with Blockchain since the beginning, we recognize the ability of this technology to solve critical problems that are currently unsolvable with internet protocols.

Our founders help solving problems within large supply chain network in companies like Amazon, Honda, Corning or Hewlett Packard. This experience help to vision the impact that Blockchain could have on the supply chain industry.  The value within Education was also evidently a global problem with fraud and trust that Blockchain technology can provide unique solutions to.

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Our focus on certificates enables us to provide customized, actionable solutions for your organization

We provide customized and actionable solutions. Draw on robust problem framing, cutting-edge methodologies and deep blockchain knowledge. Our network of  consulting experts will help you implement blockchain solutions. Check what we have to offer in education.

BlockEducate distributed ledger platform maximizes the value of certificates published by our customers and partners.  Our solutions are based on the value of transparency, innovation, corporate responsibility.  We provide the tools required by our clients and partners to achieve various business objectives to become more competitive and promote their brands across multiple channels.  BlockEducate allows the leveraging of blockchain technology to publish, manage, verify certificate authenticity in an innovate way that was not possible prior to our solution.